Why to work with us

We are leaders in quality construction hybrid wood and concrete buildings from finest nordic timber.

Arcticlifehouse hybrid combines gluelaminated strength graded wood and concrete prefabricated element construction with modern modular construction, which allows the house to be completed on a building site within few months.

Quality, freedom of choice, design and cost-effectiveness set us apart from other market competitors.

You can choose from our affordable basic models or request a quote according to your own sketches or architectural images. You can also ask Arcticlifehouse – Architects to design the house of your dreams.

The materials in our buildings come from nature. The load-bearing glue-laminated massive wood structures are from certified northern forests, where quality is generally acknowledged by building professionals all over the world. All other Building Materials are sourced from local producers. The carbon footprint of our buildings is small. We only use concrete as a floor covering and stiffening material for the frame. Small volume of steel we only use for stiffening.

Important information for customers:

The engineering of production and construction work is carried out with and under Finnish or German supervision and control.
We use L30 AND L40 strength-graded glue-laminated post and beams in our construction to provide security.‚Äč