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Arcticlifehouse is a hybrid wood, concrete and steel construction concept developed in Finland and Germany with decades of experience in wood and concrete constructions.

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Arcticlifehouse hybrid

is a healthy and safety construction concept based on resource-efficient materials, ecology and health with competitive prices.

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We are leaders in quality construction hybrid wood and concrete buildings from finest nordic timber.

Preconstruction planning

Pre-construction design is the preliminary engineering work of a construction project that is done before the work begins. The goal is to model and understand the full scope of the project and the client’s views and wishes about the construction project before the actual architectural design begins.

Scope of the project: A mapping of the content, construction site, schedule, and target result of the construction project, carried out jointly by the designer and the client.

Budget: The initial budget limit must be set to determine the monetary limits of the project. 

Once this information is presented clearly, concisely to all parties, the project can move into the active design phase.

Architectural modeling

Dream your own design or you have prepared architectural sketch drawings. Send your sketch to us.

You can make your own plans together with our architects in order to find a suitable building according to your own ideas.

Construction management & work

Our trained construction managers coordinate and oversee our construction projects; the quality of materials and work, staying on schedule, and leading our skilled workforce.

Arcticlifehouse has trained construction teams that build and implement our residential, vacation, restaurant, school, hospital, commercial, and industrial building projects.

Important information for customers:

The engineering of production and construction work is carried out with and under Finnish or German supervision and control.

Arcticlifehouse hybrid combines gluelaminated strength graded wood and concrete prefabricated element construction with modern modular construction, which allows the house to be completed on a building site within few months.


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Our social mission



We train and employ local residents to build Northern European quality under the supervision of our Finnish and German experts. Well documented instructions will make purchasing local materials and assembly of construction easily.

Our production facilities and building sites employ local residents.
While we build at competitive prices, we pay good wages and other benefits to our employees.
We do not seek profits by bringing in workers from abroad for our projects.
Our goal is in educational– and social building projects to improve the quality of housing for rural residents and to be involved in improving the quality of living and living for low-income and slum residents in large cities.



The safety of structures, fire protection of buildings, burglary protection of apartments, safety at work are very important to us.
Our structures do not contain any substances harmful to inhabitants.

Building materials

From Finland we import only 10% of the required building materials. All other materials are sourced from local operators or produced according to EU standards in our own local production facilities.
We build our own local element production, our own window and door production, our own interior board and panel production. This production can be used also to commercial purposes.

All of our production facilities use locally sourced raw materials grown in Ugandan soil. We only import the necessary 10% from Northern Europe. We do not use bamboo and other cheap materials from the Far East. Our workers are from Uganda – we do not import labour from abroad.
The building materials and structural calculations we use meet EU standards.



Our houses are clean of toxins and harmful substances. Our houses are healthy for their residents.

Easy and productive

For INvestors

Our building system is very competitive in price. The time it takes to build is the shortest on the market, which quickly generates money for the investment.

Most of the building material is wood. Properly built and protected from fire, rot and insects and it is a very long-lasting product. There are several hundred years old wooden frame houses in Europe. The investment retains its value better when the building is made of high-quality materials and already known Northern European standards.

We can use the same technology in hospitals, schools, holiday homes, detached houses, apartment buildings and production halls. From architectural point of view, the constructions can set up a new trend of building processes in Eastern-Africa, because constructions practical and the visual result is well finished with high quality materials and details.

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Dr. James Kajete +256 02 5678 5385 223

Wilberforce Muyomba +256 701 661166

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Address Germany

Arcticlifehouse GmbH

Hohenfelde 54 A

 D-21720 Mittelnkirchen

+49 (0)173 9 125 174



Address Uganda

Arctic Life House Uganda LtD

Dr. James Kajete

Kabaka Road, Plot No. 3 Ministers Village

Ntinda Kampala–Uganda


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